High speed,0 GAS AMM DEX with Ethereum and Conflux

This project Moonswap has the same content as what was briefly published on Medium as a project called IRONSWAP.ORG

The Ironswap domain is no longer active: but is 6 days old as time of review.

The medium post (medium paper?) for Ironswap was removed and the content rebranded around the name. Tyler from chico crypto commented that he didn’t like the name Moonswap much!

There may be some reason for the name change or not, but the original content has been archived just in case it becomes relevant as days go by here, and here with two posts, another medium post mentioning the launch is also saved here.

The two launch ‘papers’ medium posts mentioned Sushiswap in a very impressive light calling the sushi cold boot impressive (FORK I assume they mean) and the other improvements? not sure what they mean here, stealing liquidity and code from UNIswap? Considering all the controversy over Sushiswap and the connections to BAND and FTX & Binance, it remarks to me that this project is borrowing the limelight from the wrong people – centralized incumbents who btw recently got caught discussing dumping on people: is hosted on along with so looking we can see that Moondex is also working with Conflux who turns out are behind both Moonswap and who are building an Ethereum L2 which also mentioned Conflux with Moonswap. Right now there is this notice on Moondex?

Looking at the link profile for we can see many correlations with Conflux:

Now getting back to the connections with Sushiswap and we can see the backlink graph for moonswap does indeed feature a correlation with Sushiswap!

Interconnected links between sushiswap and Moonswap from these backlinks :

Summary: Ironswap and Moonswap press release on Medium that referenced Sushiswap and Moondex showed similar marketing signals related to Sushiswap. The mentions to Sushi are a bit odd. Considering this project is clearly built by Conflux who have had investment from the Chinse government apparently.

The real people behind Moonswap is Conflux who have quite an industry buzz:


Rogue clone of Uniswap? Stake?

No links yet

domain 20 days old

on the same server as

View Whois RecordScreenshots

Who is behind Honeyswap?

Apparently the fork is by Xdai


has its own token HNY on honeyswap fork



Price on the move up? why?


The project is connected to and highly correlated with BNSD not to be confused with BNS

BNS token this is for 

while this token 0x695106ad73f506f9d0a9650a78019a93149ae07c

which is listed on top link on coin crunch READ to buy and farm BNSD which then actually lists the BNS not BNSD TOKEN

However the farming talks about using BNSD!

This is totally confusing and possibly deliberately so to get people buying BNS token? or what is BNS token for?

Now to make matters even more confusing there is another token for BNS 0xd996035Db82cae33Ba1f16fDF23B816E5E9fAaBb so there are two tokens for BNS! which is the real one?

While 0x668DbF100635f593A3847c0bDaF21f0a09380188 is for BNSD

The number of holders for BNSD is 1996 as of writing.

The number of holders of BNS is either 368 or 25 depending on which BNS token you fancy today?

For those interested is currently available to buy:

organic industry related link graph

Interconnected Back Link Graph
Token Holder Volatility
<< 16/09/2020Top Token Holders18/09/2020
 (39.34) 0x76333b38567f78240d6276e5b3985baa6fa5fda5 (30.71) (1)>>
 (18.7) 0x03084f06463f35ff8f59e86d949b44a984dcbc95 (17.98) (1)>>
 (9.27) 0x0d97bac371c34fbeccbbe64970453346e4e2bab3 (10.25) (1)>>
 () 0x2336caa76eb0c28597c691679988a5bcf5806e11 (7.3) (1)>>
 (3.85) 0x75f189f198b90d4b363ed073d63bb8e343c8a7b4 (3.85) (1)>>
 (1.62) 0xf043b1e8cf86ca773bdf22c632f4350c74448d4a (2.35) (1)>>

Contract 0x9e78b8274e1d6a76a0dbbf90418894df27cbceb5

Total Supply 88887678371430701600865364

Available Supply NULL!!!!

Circulating Supply 6,691,960 / 88,887,678=7.5% issued!



What is Acala Network? Acala Network is a decentralized stablecoin and liquid staking platform powering cross-blockchain open finance applications, based on Substrate, powered by Polkadot. In Acala Network, Acala Dollar (aUSD) is a decentralized stablecoin that allows users to send and receive USD across any blockchains connected to the Polkadot network. Acala Network, a trust platform on Polkadot network.

This project is backed by VC funds:


  • coinfund
  • web3Capital
  • hashkey
  • hypersphere
  • divergence
  • drf
  • parafi
  • dcg
  • spartan
  • arrington
  • pantera
  • CMS
  • p2pValidator
  • altonomy
  • berkeley
  • p2pCaptital
  • kr1
  • zeePrime
  • goodmore
  • polychain
  • dantons
  • snz
  • stakeZone
  • 1confirmation
  • web3Foundation


Which is the real site? looks like the .IO is the real site? Going with IO.

About 90% of the token holders appear to be the top 10 holders. leaving 10% floating on the market…

The tools they provide offer data and notifications about your trading portfolio. If this service should support a market cap buy price of :

Market Cap $14,529,248 24

24 Hour Trading Vol $498,995

Its very difficult to see this company revenue valuating this stock at 15million, or with the Fully Diluted Market Cap at 66 million. It’s a decent buy but at what price? IMO not this valuation that’s too ambitious for me…

PARSIQ is the next-gen monitoring and intelligence platform for various Blockchains. With PARSIQ, users gain access to a number of useful product features, like:

  • Tracking in real-time digital assets
  • Being notified about numerous occurrences around the Blockchain network
  • Gathering and processing on-chain data
  • Combining the on-chain data with off-chain one (i.e. Risk Scoring, Market prices)

Right now Ive tried to use the beta service and the value is not evident nor is the problem they are solving, maybe because the UI is not intuitive enough that I’m not seeing the value.

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Looks like some important connection with (24) look closely at the exchange windows here:

From their Blog: Market Manipulation – crypto’s Achille’s heel

Right now, cryptocurrency trading is an mostly unregulated market. Unlike traditional securities exchanges, there are few standards that need to be met beyond whatever measures the crypto exchanges themselves put into place. Some jurisdictions have regulation that local exchanges commit to – such as E-Money licenses – but few of the measures are set in stone. 

Many larger or more forward-thinking crypto exchanges such CoinMetro – a PARSIQ client – are anticipating future regulation, and setting themselves up as such. But there are plenty of exchanges which use a light touch in terms of what occurs on their platforms. There are some which even allegedly actively promote some forms of market manipulation – perhaps to pump up their trading volumes to give the impression they are bigger than they are.

Some of the more common practises of market manipulations are:

Spoofing — this is where a large order is placed to create the illusion of market optimism or pessimism, but it gets cancelled before the trade is filled.

Front-running — this is the act of getting advance knowledge of a trade that will influence the price, and taking advantage of that knowledge – a type of insider trader.

Wash trading 
—this is where a market participant trades with themselves in order to drive the price up or down, or just create the illusion of trading volume. Some exchanges allegedly do this to manipulate their daily trading volumes. Painting the tape is a similar practise but with two or more participants trading amongst themselves.

These issues are made worse by the fact that crypto market volumes are small in comparison with traditional markets — therefore small manipulations can have a tremendous impact, especially outside of the top few cryptocurrencies.

Our defence – PARSIQ Market Intelligence

PARSIQ’s Market Intelligence platform (PARSIQ MI) provides “behind the curtains” analytics for crypto asset investments which help mitigate against market manipulation.

We noticed that there is a short but noticeable lag before blockchain transactions are confirmed and reflected in an asset’s price. For example, it may take at least 20 minutes for large incoming transfers that may cause a sell-down trade to be confirmed. 

PARSIQ MI can detect such movements in real-time before movements affect a user’s trading account. This is functionality not available in traditional trading — it’s functionality made possible by the open and transparent nature of the blockchains.

The following are examples of PARSIQ MI’s capabilities:

  • Track specific movements and transactions before they reach cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Track trends based on actual transactions instead of unreliable or misleading information “outside” of blockchains
  • Provide deeper statistical data on crypto asset markets
  • Cross-correlate news and prices with blockchain transactions
  • Set-up monitoring and alerts to know when certain events happen and take action beforehand

Conclusion – market intelligence will make trading fairer for everyone 

Until there is clear government regulation for crypto markets, and until the exchanges sign up to this regulation, there will always be problems with market manipulation. However, blockchain’s defence is its transparency. With PARSIQ’s market intelligence features, trading activities can be monitored and reacted to in real-time. 

These features will not only help to counter market manipulation, but over time it will lessen the impact of these types of trading activities. Ultimately, this will level the playing field and make cryptocurrency trading fairer for all.

Lets see!


About 58% tokens held by the founders or developers!

healthy trading on Uniswap!

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Not a scam project, decentralized token distribution, some working projects live: as far as I can see from a cursory glance the tools they are developing are to help visualize data from different DEFI projects designed to assist in making investment choices. Looking at trading data, live feeds and other unique information displays. I’m not sure this service warrants the market cap being placed on this project right now, $5.5million dollars for such a service? That said its impossible to know where the market will take these valuations and while they still own technically have the locked up value, it looks like a project on the move.


No Products or Tech Launched yet!

Illuminati Team Heads

Good Marketing,

HTML web

No protection from dumping as 99.7% of tokens held by the team

No demonstrated sign of tech ability involvement history is sketchy…

IBM, sketchy all round.

Link Graph gives the game away as to who is behind this

URLS Commonly Linked Too (8) (6) (6) (6) (5) (5) (5) (5) (5) (5) (4) (4) (4) (4) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (3) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2)

Summery: NO idea what their problem / solution is? Whitepaper a Medium post? Not needed in this day? Is it a defi? Pump and Dump? time will tell, what is clear is that the team has EOS / capital to play with so will be pumped at some stage for sure!

Also looks like Roger Ver, might have something to say about this:

Right now strong is held 99.7% by the 5 founders and only .3% is traded by others!






and that other .3% ? with a value of 517K USD (apparently)

Right now, clearly, this project has been divided up among 5 or 6 people and market has .3% which looks like it is actually consisting of less than a couple of trades! Last one being a week ago when the project was first pumped (bad timing really?)… Know that you are buying into a company which values itself at 3.6 billion USD and has right now no proven product market fit, or product that is demonstrated….