Great Article here coving PIEDAO.

Very similar to IndexCOOP

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Offshift is a cryptographically private offshore storage & DeFi protocol on Ethereum, and the first dual-sided public/private protocol to be built entirely on a public blockchain.

XFT – a public, tradeable ERC20 token, and

zkAssets – private, stable-valued zkERC tokens

Offshift is the first protocol to adequately incentivize both speculation and use as a currency for value storage or private spending.

Very early-stage project

  • Q3 2020 – XFT Contract Deployed
  • Q3 2020 – Token Distribution & DEX Listing
  • Q3 2020 – Oracles Integration
  • Q4 2020 – Deploy zkAsset Contract & Launch Shifting on Rinkeby
  • Q1 2021 – Release of Economic Model v 2.0
  • Q1 2021 – Deploy zkBTC & zkXAU Contracts on Mainnet & Launch Shifting
  • Q2 2021 – Launch zkUSD Q3 2021 – Offshift Mobile App
  • Q3 2021 – Launch Staking

Annomous developers no code on github

White paper same format as prior scam

While sitting on the $GEAR discord, I notice that the admin is the same as in another project, XFT.  I check in with another guy who has been doing research and notice that a lot of the wallets dumping GEAR also hold and/or dumped XFT.  The website for XFT is also down now.

found on twitter

Interestingly the whitepaper on both projects have the same formating! avoid?

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Token INDEX, Tyler likes it, The Index Coop currently has US$30,698,652.76 diversified in crypto index products. Index Coop is a Decentralized and Autonomous Asset Manager governed, maintained, and upgraded by INDEX token holders.

“let the crowd do your investing!”

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It’s closely associated with PIEDAO and TOKENSETS 

A lot of discussion here about people uncomfortable about the relationship between tokensets and index coop here: about the 30% control Setlabs has on the token governance.

INDEX Coop is a decentralised organisation launched by Set Labs and DefI Pulse to build a community tomanage, market and reap rewards from the creation crypto based index sets. As founders Set Labs and DeFi Pulse control 30% of the total supply (subject to vesting etc).

 But I do see the possibilities of it having conflicting interest down the road on how the fees are being distributed, on the percentage allocated to set protocol and index token holders.

I’m not confortable with this relationship neither, notably because of the 30% allocation to the Set team. It is way too much in my opinion, especially since it’s not even the Set token (I heard someone from the team saying that a Set token is something they are thinking about), but a side project for the team. How are these two worlds going to work together without cannibilizing each other’s opportunities ?

In my opinion Set should be considered as :
a large $INDEX holder and thus an important member of the community – therefore I understand the idea of some pre-allocated tokens. But 30% is… a lot… and saying that the Set team won’t have more than 50% of the vote power is not really reassuring…
and a service provider which is paid by the $INDEX treasury every time it codes or maintain and indices as requested by the community he belongs to.
Furthermore, since you are aiming for a fair and healthy equilibrium between the community and Set, and since it’s too early to judge anyone´s contribution to the Indexcoop (As you said !), why not let the community decide if you deserve that much tokens pre-allocated ? This would be a great signal of decentralization and fairness. Maybe you end up keeping your 30% ! (Especially if you vote « Yes » ;)).

and in relationship with PieDao talk here about the two:

While we discussed Crypto ETFs in our Index Coop article, PieDAO’s take on DeFi ETFs is quite distinctive and worth looking at in greater detail. An ETF is basket of assets (be it stocks, bonds, commodities, or crypto) that can be traded in a group. This allows investors to hedge risk PieDAO has already launched 4 ETF products and has many more in the works.

Both are ETFs for defi!

Asset low price 2usd / high price 13usd, current price 4.50.

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