The project is connected to and highly correlated with BNSD not to be confused with BNS

BNS token this is for 

while this token 0x695106ad73f506f9d0a9650a78019a93149ae07c

which is listed on top link on coin crunch READ to buy and farm BNSD which then actually lists the BNS not BNSD TOKEN

However the farming talks about using BNSD!

This is totally confusing and possibly deliberately so to get people buying BNS token? or what is BNS token for?

Now to make matters even more confusing there is another token for BNS 0xd996035Db82cae33Ba1f16fDF23B816E5E9fAaBb so there are two tokens for BNS! which is the real one?

While 0x668DbF100635f593A3847c0bDaF21f0a09380188 is for BNSD

The number of holders for BNSD is 1996 as of writing.

The number of holders of BNS is either 368 or 25 depending on which BNS token you fancy today?

For those interested is currently available to buy:

organic industry related link graph

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