Interesting rabbit hole. Low market cap token with very interesting white paper, with a focus on charge-backs or dispute resolution service incorporated into the blockchain. Lots of other novel concepts in this project also, their own blockchain not least. Looking under the hood we find quite some rabbit hole!

White paper highlights:

“COTI does not rely on the honesty of a few individuals, but on game-theoretical economic incentives.It is based on a fundamental insight from legal epistemology: a court is an epistemic engine, a tool for ferreting out the truth about events from a confusing array of clues. An agent (jury) follows a procedure where an input (evidence) is used to produce an output (decision). COTI leverages the technologies of crowd-sourcing, blockchain and game theory to develop an arbitrary system that produces true decisions in a secure, efficient and inexpensive way”

link graph :

Noticeable interconnections (30) (7)

Important deal with Cardano Foundation

Very rough demo:

Fantom collaboration in collaboration with COTI & XAR network

COTI will work on integrating Fantom-based mainnets such as Xar Network into their existing payment rails on the back-end, allowing us to build FantomPay and XarPay on top of a reliable infrastructure that supports merchant onboarding, fiat off-ramps, and consumer applications.

By utilizing COTI’s infrastructure, merchants will be able to accept CSDT or fiat-backed stablecoins issued on top of Xar, while still receiving fiat currency into their bank accounts at with a wide global coverage and 35 currencies.

All transactions data will be also put to COTI’s Trustchain, opening up further usage and financial services, and adding more utility to COTI’s native coin.

Important collaboration with Paywize

Paywize BOARD and CEO: (No Site Back Links)

Eyal Wagner

Director also director at Octafon &


Niv Abramovich


Samuel Falkon


Shahar Cohen


Niv Abramovich was former CMO at STOX price comparison chat of STOX and COTI:

Moving on, main developer at COTI Alex Stoliar with current updates at github.

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