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Twitter chatter is strong

Summary: It is a very early stage project with a lot of chatter in the Twitter and on their discord. The project is connecting well in the defi space with partners in the space and while it is so early, its hard to predict but as risky bet it could well pay off as this market grows.

As of date 9/9/2020 there are 2968 holders of the token,

Trading is hot and diverse

There is a potential risk with the number of tokens held by the project 92% – 95%

on the pump from 120$ to 275$ this is the prime reason:

This contract dispensed 94K500 tokens

Which is buying and selling a bunch of smaller transactions as seen by these two accounts:

This trading looks organic but it is not, transactions were dispensed by the dispenser to 10 different accounts which are inter trading between each other in a fast method buying and selling much smaller amounts of the token, this activity in the last 15 hours has coincided with a 100% price increase! This looks like manipulative non organic trading!

Mithril trading chart!

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