Hathor architecture allows the platform to scale on layer one achieving hundreds of transactions per second. Furthermore, we focus on usability for the end user, so creating a new token is extremely easy on our platform besides having zero fee to exchange your tokens.

Has its own chain not ERC20.

Explorer here

Founder Marcelo Salhab Brogliato studied at Getulio Vargas Foundation the largest think tank in Latin America s Program of the University of Pennsylvania which has completed projects with the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). 

Total Funding Amount $485K

We made a seed investment round with Friends & Family and some selected private investors. We raised enough money to keep our company small and running. The funds have been primarily used to support both the development of our technology and the launch of the mainnet.

We are open to investment rounds from global investors looking for both tokens and equity. Let’s grow together

 The first paper is inspired by the possibility that there will be some form of purely digital money and studies distributed ledgers, proposing and analyzing Hathor, an alternative architecture towards a scalable cryptocurrency. The second paper may be a crucial item in understanding human decision making, perhaps, bringing us a formal model of recognition-primed decision. Lying at the intersection of cognitive psychology, computer science, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence, it presents an open-source, cross-platform, and highly parallel framework of the Sparse Distributed Memory and analyzes the dynamics of the memory with some applications. Last but not least, the third paper lies at the intersection of marketing, diffusion of technological innovation, and modeling, extending the famous Bass model to account for users who, after adopting the innovation for a while, decide to reject it later on.

Currently no API for the explorer! This limits development on the chain. Chain has ability to mint tokens like erc20 using the language

Custom Tokens
You can create your own digital token with customized specifications on Hathor Network
with only one click. They will fully work under the same technical assumptions of high
scalability and decentralized consensus of our native HTR tokens. These tokens will
always work independently of the price of 1 HTR and they can serve multiple purposes:
financial participation in a company (”stock”), mileage or loyalty points of a specific store
or network, votes, ownership of digital goods such as website domains, etc.

Figure 1: Visualization of Hathor’s graph with transactions and block. Red boxes are
blocks; green circles are confirmed transactions; white circles are in-progress transactions;
yellow circles are unconfirmed transactions; and grey circles are transactions solving the
proof-of-work which have not been propagated yet. The arrows show the confirmation
chain. Block’s arrows are in bold.

Hathor has no ability to use smart contracts, as a result, has missed out on the most important developmental cycle in crypto in recent times namely the innovation in Defi and smart contract development and new innovation that comes on top of that. It is a better version of bitcoin but it addresses the problems of Bitcoin and not the problems facing humanity or the revolution happening with smart contracts. It has solved IMO the wrong problems by being earlier than its time!

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