High speed,0 GAS AMM DEX with Ethereum and Conflux

This project Moonswap has the same content as what was briefly published on Medium as a project called IRONSWAP.ORG

The Ironswap domain is no longer active: but is 6 days old as time of review.

The medium post (medium paper?) for Ironswap was removed and the content rebranded around the name. Tyler from chico crypto commented that he didn’t like the name Moonswap much!

There may be some reason for the name change or not, but the original content has been archived just in case it becomes relevant as days go by here, and here with two posts, another medium post mentioning the launch is also saved here.

The two launch ‘papers’ medium posts mentioned Sushiswap in a very impressive light calling the sushi cold boot impressive (FORK I assume they mean) and the other improvements? not sure what they mean here, stealing liquidity and code from UNIswap? Considering all the controversy over Sushiswap and the connections to BAND and FTX & Binance, it remarks to me that this project is borrowing the limelight from the wrong people – centralized incumbents who btw recently got caught discussing dumping on people: is hosted on along with so looking we can see that Moondex is also working with Conflux who turns out are behind both Moonswap and who are building an Ethereum L2 which also mentioned Conflux with Moonswap. Right now there is this notice on Moondex?

Looking at the link profile for we can see many correlations with Conflux:

Now getting back to the connections with Sushiswap and we can see the backlink graph for moonswap does indeed feature a correlation with Sushiswap!

Interconnected links between sushiswap and Moonswap from these backlinks :

Summary: Ironswap and Moonswap press release on Medium that referenced Sushiswap and Moondex showed similar marketing signals related to Sushiswap. The mentions to Sushi are a bit odd. Considering this project is clearly built by Conflux who have had investment from the Chinse government apparently.

The real people behind Moonswap is Conflux who have quite an industry buzz:

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