liked by Elon 3k invested, 1k5 profit. e1. bought first nov 24, 5 moons, then on price breakout, bought 2k5. 34 backlinks, no connection to Moonswap. App offers analysis tools similar to ZERION and Volatilityinvestments such as trading charts, portfolio analysis, wallet history analysis, and more data on tokens to understand which investments to make. Need 5 (about 50 USD) Moons to use the app. Different tiers will be offered later, features will be voted on by holders in Dao.


Interconnected tokens by investors

Top token holders

Total Token Holders

Price data

Insider trading

Organic trading

Available supply

All data tools that provide such analysis are in high demand and will be very popular in the new economy, if this tool is functioning well this could be a good project to support.

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