Offshift is a cryptographically private offshore storage & DeFi protocol on Ethereum, and the first dual-sided public/private protocol to be built entirely on a public blockchain.

XFT – a public, tradeable ERC20 token, and

zkAssets – private, stable-valued zkERC tokens

Offshift is the first protocol to adequately incentivize both speculation and use as a currency for value storage or private spending.

Very early-stage project

  • Q3 2020 – XFT Contract Deployed
  • Q3 2020 – Token Distribution & DEX Listing
  • Q3 2020 – Oracles Integration
  • Q4 2020 – Deploy zkAsset Contract & Launch Shifting on Rinkeby
  • Q1 2021 – Release of Economic Model v 2.0
  • Q1 2021 – Deploy zkBTC & zkXAU Contracts on Mainnet & Launch Shifting
  • Q2 2021 – Launch zkUSD Q3 2021 – Offshift Mobile App
  • Q3 2021 – Launch Staking

Annomous developers no code on github

White paper same format as prior scam

While sitting on the $GEAR discord, I notice that the admin is the same as in another project, XFT.  I check in with another guy who has been doing research and notice that a lot of the wallets dumping GEAR also hold and/or dumped XFT.  The website for XFT is also down now.

found on twitter

Interestingly the whitepaper on both projects have the same formating! avoid?

Gear Token price

Offshift Token price

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