Shopping cart software POS provider of eCommerce woo-commerce WordPress plugin for Crypto checkout with eight digital currencies, Litecoin, BTC, dash (didn’t know it was still going), Ripple, Stellar, Ethereum, and an odd one called Charry. Charry has a partnership with Salamanrex. (Charry lets you easily purchase more than 40 cryptocurrencies on the Charry mobile app and website with your credit or debit card with the highest level of security.)

So salamantex developed the “CHARRY TOKEN” WHICH as of 2018 seemed to make a big fanfare about the token connection and how they would take over ecommerce with it.

The SX1801 has been introduced in October 2018 by Salamantex to address that problem. In addition, Salamantex is developing the Charry network and will integrate its maintoken Charry into the Salamantex Payment Software running on all SX1801 devices, offering advanced payment services not yet enabled by traditional blockchains.

They say you can buy it with visa or Creditcard but I cannot find any way to buy Charry with Crypto as on listed on an exchange or something. It does not look like the typical token sale with ICO or exchange listing.

It is like a stable coin attached to a hardware POS terminal that Salamantex has developed for retail bricks and mortar shopping terminals. Since Charry is not a typical crypto token, its not really considered a real digital token, in the sense that it is not decentralised in anyway. It is a centralised token that is a stable coin issued by the company that makes the hardware.

Backlink Graph:

This project seems to have been first immersed and involved with the DASH community according to the link graph and as that project has died and the market in general has given way to the ERC20 craze, it looks like Salamantex are now trying to play catch up and get in on the decentralised web.

Interestingly Salamantex does not use their own software for the crypto POS woocommerce plugin instead they are using Changelly system!

Exchange services provided by Changelly.

By clicking ‘Pay’, I acknowledge that the transaction may trigger AML/KYC verification according to Changelly AML/KYC.

As a tech provider and solution it is strange that they would not implement their own plugin for woocommerce, and there is no plugin support for main eCommerce platforms such as Magento or other big platforms yet!

It is not looking encouraging as an entry point and I would wait until after the ICO hype has melted away…

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