Liked by elon, 350 usd invested 200+ profit. e2

no backlinks currently, early stage project.

Project is probably connected to these tokens which are also held by one of the main holders:

We’re fork RFI works by applying a 2% fee to each transaction and instantly splitting that fee among all holders of the token.

Holders do not need to stake or wait for fees to be delivered. Fees are awarded by the smart contract and are immediately get the tax in the holders balance.

The former function (the distribution of tokens to holders) will be automatic and will simply require the investor to hold the tokens in their wallet (i.e. there will be no requirements for staking or claiming rewards from an interface).

Furthermore, distribution to holders will be proportionate to their total holding; thereby encouraging accumulation and mitigating sell pressure.

very early stage project with small investor group

Interconnected tokens owned by investors

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